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How to develop your business strategy

The essence of the strategy is to choose what should not be done – Michael Porter
I like Mr. Michael Porter’s word because that is true. And in that sense, it is small enough to enter into the forefront of real companies as small businesses and start-up companies.
The strategy is that you will not do. My favorite metaphor is a sculptor with marble blocks. Michelangelo began with a large piece of marble and cut it until his David.

Strategy is targeted

In the real world, my favorite strategy is driving and sex: we all think that we are very good. However, it was a genius that was made simpler, which became clear this morning. As soon as you understand them, I say the best strategy is clear. Furthermore, I think that they will not work if they do not appear obvious after the fact.
The strategy must be easy to define. I like the simple “IMO method” I will explain here. Outside the IMO, however, over the years of consulting, I have worked hard on several competing policy frameworks. If each one is correctly applied and executed, it will work. And I say that you can define a strategy with a collection of stories and small stories, I will explain it here as well.

LivePlan’s easy strategy

Please consider it as the center of business like artichokes heart. It is a group of basic concepts that can not be separated: problems, solutions, market and identity. Please do not let go of her. That is the correlation between the two that will drive your business. Everyone affects the other three people.
Problems you solve
As we are forgetting too often, start: Your business is not about you, what you want to do or what you want. These are your customers. And the most important thing is to solve your problem.
Theodore Levitt has changed its marketing with a central piece of marketing and myopia including this important announcement.
People do not want to buy a 0.25 inch drill, they want a 0.25 inch hole.

And this famous quotation on the railroad:

By rail, they were more railway department than transport department, so they could be removed by other customers.
Actual companies need to solve problems and about business strategies they need to know the problem they are solving. Social media companies have released updates for customers, but they can not be solved with social media. It draws out words. Make sure people know you. My favorite restaurant is not only to give me a meal. It gives me healthy and delicious food in a pleasant environment I want to spend 1-2 hours with my wife. Because you are hungry you will not invite anyone to the sushi restaurant. They want to have an interesting meal. You want to sit down and talk for a while. This is an event, activity with top satisfaction with hunger.
You also need to understand which company you are in. Food service departments are often about occasions, not meals. The fast-drive drive-in sector is synonymous with comfort. Starbucks is not only coffee, but also an affordable luxury item. In some cases, meeting place or workplace.

Important elements of a successful business strategy

The rapid adoption of globalization and the rapid development of confusion makes it more important than ever to adopt a strategy for the first time. There is no way to fix and restart. Risk of catching up with competitors is too big.
Nevertheless, many companies are always wrong. We live in an uncertain time in a narrow sense, constantly confusing activities, both in a turbulent geopolitical climate and in a wide range of meanings. Strategies are not accurate science, successful development and implementation are often trying to achieve moving targets. More than 50% of new business will fail in the first 5 years. Recent strategies and surveys did not say that 8% of the 700 business leaders surveyed were effective for planning and implementation. 63% recognize whether it is neutral or bad.
Unfortunately, there is no single approach to strategy, no rules to guarantee success. Each sector and organization in this sector faces many unique problems. However, there are several ideas that apply to each business and can form the basis of an effective strategy.
We partnered with eight of the world’s leading strategists of several well-known organizations and asked for their ideas.

Mark · Shepard, Sales Manager, GE

First and foremost, a successful business strategy must adapt to and adapt to change and remain true to its core value. It is important to keep away from the pillars that make up the business mind and foundation.
Let’s consider the key value system of your organization. In GE, we will play a global game locally and we will make a difference in how we work with perfect justification in every country we do business.
Second, the key to the success of a business strategy is flexibility. It is not strict in the changing world, faithful to the strategy, and there is a good balance between taking time to see it.
Clive Tillotson, Director of Business Operations Strategy at Fujitsu
Since their strategy must be done by overly practical people, it must be easy to implement (unlike intrinsic simplicity). It must also be considered the original (different from the original one), otherwise it will disappear with business heat and noise. After all, it has to present and communicate within the company that the ignorance of the strategy is not an excuse at the moment.

James Lemmon, Vice President, Travelport’s Business Strategy

Seeing what today’s industry and competitors are doing today We believe that people are aware of by plans to be carried out across all business units, led by a series of decisions supported by resources and investment A clear vision.
Ignas Caryn-KLM, director of Corporate Strategy for Air France
A good strategy must combine internal and external perspectives, short-term improvement, long-term opportunities, tissue mechanics, resource allocation. A “good strategy should include a clear implementation program and a follow-up process, as” a strategy that is not implemented is hallucinations. “

10 marketing strategies to promote your business growth

Building a business is not easy. First of all, we need executable ideas. From there you need to find useful niches, define target audiences, and have something worth selling. Whether providing products, services or information, it is becoming increasingly difficult to solve the problem. And without the proper marketing strategy to promote your growth, it is virtually impossible to keep generating a profit and keep floating.
However, identifying the right strategy for selling your business is often compared to rocket strategy. How can I communicate your message to the appropriate audience and make it effective? How can I increase revenue while improving revenue by converting offer while increasing visibility? As today’s social media, search engine optimization, blogging and pay-per-click advertisements are drawing attention, it is easy to find out why most people are taking off their clothes.
The truth is that bringing you to this point of the economy is unlikely to take you to the next level. If you feel that you are on, join in the fight. Most entrepreneurs are busy with businesses, so they do not work in business. For the day-to-day business of the business, including customer’s business, supply chain requirements, etc., we often ignore the appropriate marketing strategy to promote business growth.
What does it take for? In other words, we need to go back one step. You need to analyze and understand the basic mechanism of your message and how to reach more audiences without losing your shirt. What is all this secret? Whichever marketing strategy you use, if you do not have an effective sales funnel and you can not optimize conversions, you are just throwing money.

What is the best marketing strategy?

Most companies are puzzled. That is catch 22. More transparency is necessary to greatly improve sales. However, companies need to spend more expense to increase transparency. If this well dries, what should I do?
There is no clear and clear answer to this question covering all the situations. But there are still things you can do now to keep the budget down and approach more customers without breaking the bank. All the time is running out. If you do not have money, there is definitely time to get sweat quality.
What you are doing is that you can use it online as long as there is a strong business foundation, striving to create truly value, and making constant efforts to build true relationship with customers There is a strategy of. market.

1. Use social media.

Social media can not be ignored. I have all the magic. Some companies were exclusively built behind social media. This may be scary at first. of course. But as you grow momentum you will find that social media publications will become easier and easier over time.
Of course, if you have money you can also hire a social media manager. But if you do not do it, you are yourself, being true. Write down your thoughts. Please publish your product. Publish all relevancy

Formulation of corporate strategy

Are you planning to grow? There are 9 elements to make a business strategy successful.
1: When planning activities, please be aware of market changes and customer behavior. Many businesses are caught in the sand, failing only by reading the signature if it is too late.
2: Remember that marketing is an integral part of strategy development. That is to create value that satisfies customer demand.
3: Confirm that data and analysis to judge strategy and direction are appropriate. Dependence on historical data alone (usually finance) and other internal data does not provide the necessary planning information. We need more information sources and market information.
4: There is no need to engage in a large research budget to gain this important external insight. A simple process such as customer survey with price incentive is very useful.
5: Invite staff to the process of gathering information and opinions to inform future strategies. Please note that many winning strategies start with employee ideas.
6: I will tell the strategy in a way I understand. It is simple and tangible. Please update them with implementation milestones.
7: Let’s think about how to tell your strategy to the outside, especially how to dispel the unfounded fear. For example, if you or senior managers are responsible for this extension when one company is entering a new market, you need to make sure that existing customers understand what you are trying to do Yes. It will be affected.
8: You need to fully understand your mission statement. Please do not just confirm that the new strategy was introduced by falling into the trap of sticking to the wall.
9: Do not forget that the strategy evolves and needs some flexibility. Market trends, customer behavior, and various factors that affect business need to be considered.

How to start your own business

Running your own business is stressful to your career and your life, but it is a good decision. It will cost your time and concentration. Start with the hope of living your work until it is established so that you can begin. There are various opinions on the way to start a business. Here, I will introduce basic ideas and guidelines.
I have an idea

I will arrive to something. Before I do anything else, I need a company idea. You can conduct market research to get clear images. This must be a passionate thing as your new business will cost you much time and money.
• Develop business ideas by identifying what people need and are willing to pay, things that are not available in your area or online, or that can provide better results than others.

Please consider if possible. Think about how persuasive your idea is before you go too far Are people paying? Does he earn enough money to waste your time? You also need to confirm that you can take action. Having a computer to make magical food in the air is wonderful, but it is impossible (unless you are Patrick Stewart).
Please make sure it is unique. Whatever your idea, please make sure it is as unique as possible. By doing this, you can eliminate competition and compete fairly. Just converting a small product to an existing product (such as blue grapes) is not usually enough to start a business, so press the limit!
Establish a business plan
Determines operating costs. We need a sound business plan to present to investors. It is the best starting point to determine basic operating costs. This information is useful for determining the amount necessary to provide products and provide services to be offered. This includes production costs, transportation costs, taxes, workers’ wages, workplace rents and so on.
• Knowing operating costs is very important in determining whether business will benefit or not because it requires more than this base to stay in business.

10 steps to start a small business

According to Small Business Administration, there are over 28 million SMEs in the US, accounting for 99.7% of US companies. Considering some of the most common reasons for starting a business, such as unique business ideas, a career that is flexible enough to evolve into you, financial independence, investment in itself, It is everywhere.
However, not all SMEs concentrate on success. In fact, only about two thirds of companies with employees have survived for at least two years, and about half have survived for five years. If you decide to plunge, you lose your job and decide to become an entrepreneur, you can become a real challenge. Because the stage is often set up early, you can reliably perform all the steps necessary to start a business and lay the foundation for success.
There are 10 steps necessary to make the business successful. Taking the step one step is the right way to become a successful SME.

Step 1: Do research

You probably already have identified your business idea, so it’s time to balance it with a little bit of reality. Is there any possibility that the idea will succeed? Before proceeding, you need to complete the business idea through the validation process.
In order for SMEs to succeed, we have to solve problems and respond to the needs or provide what the market wants.
This need can be identified in various ways, such as research, focus group, trial and error. When exploring the market, you need to answer the following questions.
• Do you need the products / services you expect?
• Who needs it?
• Are there other companies currently offering similar products / services?
• What is competition?
• How does your company fit the market?
Be sure to ask a few questions before you leave.

Step 2: Create a plan

We need a plan to realize your business idea. Business plan is a model that leads business from the startup stage to the startup stage, and finally to the growth of business. It is essential for new business.
The good news is that there is a different type of business plan for each type of business.
Traditional business planning is essential when applying for financial support from investors and financial institutions. This type of business plan is usually long and comprehensive and includes a common section that investors and banks look for when verifying your ideas.
If you are not planning financial support, you can use a simple one-page business plan to help you understand what you want to accomplish and its plan. In fact, you can create a functional business plan behind a towel and even improve it over time. A written plan is always better than anything else.